Throne for Monstrance - ALMR 436
  • Throne for Monstrance - ALMR 436
Throne for Monstrance - ALMR 436

Throne for Monstrance - ALMR 436

This throne for the ostentatious, durable, Italian product of very high quality, has great importance in the Catholic Church, for it allows the exposition and worship of the Blessed Sacrament during Eucharistic worship. It represents the sacredness of the moment of worship, focuses the attention of the faithful in the real presence of Christ and offers a safe basis for the exposition of the Eucharist. The throne is an essential liturgical piece that contributes to the deep and reverent experience of the mystery of the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. See the other models.

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Throne for ostensorium with baroque base and casting veneered with high quality gold.

The base of the upper part of the throne, 15 cm in diameter.

Height: 12 cm


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ALMR 436

Data sheet

Altíssima qualidade.
Lavar com água corrente, sabão neutro e esponja macia.
Limpar com uma flanela.
Nunca usar produtos abrasivos, oxidantes e corrosivos.
Produto italiano
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